A Sense of Place for the Displaced: on the meanings and creations of politics, resiliences, manifestations of placemaking and civic urbanism in Syrian refugee camps (2019)

Written in the context of the RIBA PART 1 dissertation, A Sense of Place for the Displaced is a two-year-long research project in collaboration with the UNHCR’s Head of Innovation Hovig Etyemezian. It was awarded the RIBA President’s Medal Dissertation Commendation in 2019.

This research project unearths the fundamental spatial needs of the refugee crisis and draws parallels with small scale resilience in the context of the city. It shines light on what most architects and design practitioners have tried to avoid: that the refugee crisis is, as much as it is social and political, an irrevocably spatial problem.

#placemaking #camps #migration #insurgence #bottomup #topdown

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