This report serves as a primer for the contextualisation and the implementation of a research and design programme which aims to address the conjoint crises of climate, migration, industry and community disempowerment at the border cities of El Paso (US) and Ciudad Juárez (MX).

It aims to illustrate and map out the complex dynamics ruling the urbanised border - from its loaded contemporary position to its web of stakeholders and clashing architectures - and the ways in which these enable, or disable, potential opportunities. Connecting both sides of the border, the project offers an alternative reading of the frontera: rather than a horizontal barrier, it aims to reveal the ways in which both sides programmatically interlace with one another, through the vertical movement of bodies, goods and capital. The project it proposes to implement draws on these movements, offering the possiblity of a new productive and interconnected line of regenerated spaces.

#infographics #geopolitics #borderlands #implementation

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